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Hiim 65 my wife is 59 and we have allways had a sex life that used to be much momentum a few years ago, but seemed to lose all contact with swingers who all have more. also a young friend of mine told me one night about a year ago 29yrs he was fucking a woman believed, and when we mcstories had a few drinks I told a joke that you can take my wife, if desired. You should also have seen his face, I would, he said. Well, I sent my wife a text and asked if it was for him, the answer was yes only NOW PLEASE. we finished our drinks kick back and find my place woman quickly stood up and was quickly eliminated sexy a few drinks, I said, I'll give a couple of drinks and cuisine when I returned to my room the woman was playing with his cock, which I saw was hard and ready, so she stopped drinking and I said ok, if I see, and they said they do not come in a 3sum me so I quickly made ​​my dick in the mood to come and it was a signal to my wifeMicks mcstories and soon began to suck dick and Bekono beyond me and she has my cock in her mouth with his, which were soon on the ground and thought I would break the ice and my wife fucked good and Mick went back and started licking my wife ass juicy, I thought I would let Mick take now my wife and I took my cock grabbed him and lifted him in the mouth, and I hadnt been with a man, but this time I was so hot I did not care and took my cock in her mouth and went straight to the back of the throat wow this is different, I thought, but withdrew from him and told him to mcstories come see you fuck my woman wants, he turned mcstories and slammed his throbbing cock up her pussy. It also has not mcstories lasted long, until I realized that I was familiar with the proximity to shoot his load, so I think from the base of his tail, as it was in my wife came and began to hit him while masturbating just push on top of, and I realized that it was sTouching his cum as his cock hit then slowly withdrawn, and his cock dropped down I took it and sucked it clean for him ( a first for me) we had a quick mcstories drink and my wife began to pound your chest my now hard cock can do what Mick told me that the lady loves you and he turns to suck, cum soon came and I closed my eyes and wondered who would swallow was Mick and what a blow job, the was then licked clean from my wife. We have done this a few times, even a night Mick and I went out for a beer and said, BJ I feel like a well on the way back we stopped and pulled out, we often have mcstories a 69, when a shit and I I want to suck, more women now, he said, which often appears in a quick cup of tea and shit.
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